Choke – D bar Jomtien beach road. Thailand


chock d abr
chock d
Choke-D means good luck in Thai, so the good luck bar! 
Here is one of my favourite restaurants on Jomtien beach front. It’s called the Choke-D bar and it offers delicious local Thai food dishes. Good quality food at very reasonable prices. The bar overlooks Jomtien beach, which is literally just across the road.
The owner is a skilled wind surfer, so runs a wind surfing club from the bar, so there is something for everybody. I guess that he must be pretty good at it because he always seems to be busy teaching the tourists.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I took lessons there and really enjoyed it. Great instruction with no pressure but plenty of time on the water. Great people, really nice and laid back..

    • Anonymous Says:

      Yes agree on all counts, great people and a very good Thai food in the restaurant. Glad you enjoyed it.

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