Things I like about Thailand.

You can see from my profile that I originally came from the Yorkshire in England. People often ask me why I moved here and what I like about living here,
I think that the thing that makes Thailand different from other countries is the people.They are generally very warm and open and always seem to have a smile for you, whatever the situation.
The climate is another main factor because it never really gets below 25C the whole year round. There is of course that rainy season, but a shower is often welcome to cool things down and they only last for about an hour a day.

Floating restaurant off Koh Samet.

Thai food of course is fantastic. There are so many choices from the traditionalThai dishes to the local area dishes. The thing that you have to be careful with is that there are so many spicy dishes and when I say spicy I mean very spicy. It’s often better to get some local advice when ordering and the Thais will usually oblige. The word for spicy in Thai language is ‘Phet’ and the word for no is ‘Mai;. So if you want to keep you taste buds intact always ask for ‘Mai Phet’. Not spicy.
If you live in Thailand what are your favourite things?

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