White Plate Day

When you buy a car in Thailand it is delivered with red number plates to show that it s still to be registered. after one month the red plates will be replaced by white plates to show that the car is filly registered to the owner. There are some restrictions on driving a ‘red; plate car at certain times of the day and also outside the Province of purchase, so it’s good to get the white plates as soon as possible.

Mt car is now 3 months old and still has the red plates, so is a pain due to the above restrictions and the chance of eing stopped by the Thai Police and having to donate ‘tea money’ (bribe).

We have been trying to get the white plates since day 1 but have been told that there is apparently an aluminum shortage, so no plates are being issued. The plates are made in Thai prisons by the way, maybe that’s why the aluminum has gone missing mmm!

Anyway we got the call and our legal plates have arrived, so happy day and no more tea money to pay!

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    Wow,, That is awesome!!

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