Papaya for Thai food ‘Som Tam’



Coming form the UK I am used to seeing potato, tomato and even carrots planted in the garden. In Thailand things get to be a little more exotic. Here is a pic of my wife’s papaya tree, which has grown in around 2 months. Everything grows so quickly here.

Papaya is a stale in the North east of Thailand and is used to make the traditional Thai dish called ‘somtam’. Many Thais eat som tam morning noon or night and I will tell you that this is the most spicy dish that I have ever tried, it’s almost nuclear and not for the faint hearted.. The Isaan (North Eastern Thailand) name for this dish is ‘Tam mak hoong’ and it is a spicy salad made from sliced unripened papaya.



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    wow yummy…..i want some……….give me for free, c’mon

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