Probe team narrows possibilities for Chiang Mai hotel deaths

Probe team narrows possibilities
By Kwandao Jitpana
The Nation

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Health official says finding exact cause of deaths may be impossible

The investigation into the Downtown Inn Hotel deaths hadn’t determine the exact cause of death yet but now focused on three possible causes: infection, chemical or environment, and would get experts’ help to determine the cause of deaths, it was announced at the press conference yesterday.

This move followed headlines about a New Zealand tourist Sarah Carter’s mysterious death especially the New Zealand TV3’s “60 Minutes” programme, which suggested the chemical spray chlorpyrifos that kills bed bugs was responsible for the death of Sarah Carter, as well as six others who were reported to have died in similar circumstances since January.

At the Chiang Mai Public Health Office yesterday, Chiang Mai Governor Panadda Diskul presided over the threehourlong closedoor conference with Chiang Mai health authority and consulate representatives of 10 countries including Todd Cleaver from the New Zealand Embassy in Bangkok.

In the press conference later, Chiang Mai Public Health chief Dr Wattana Kanchanakamon said they had a lot of meetings and get helps from experts including those from the World Health Organisation and Japan’s Osaka City to determine the cause and what to do next.

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  1. rab1957 Says:

    This probe has been far too long in coming. We have 7 deaths in the same hotel with the people having the same symptoms in a short space of time.
    The hotel should have been closed down pending investigation.

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