Train ride in China

I had the dubious pleasure of train ride from Yangzhou to Yancheng about 3 hours north East of Shanghai. The train ride took 2.5 hours and cost 25 RMB, so was great value for money. We booked the tickets and boarded the train, we had seat numbers, but the problem was finding the seats. The carriage was very overcrowded with many people sitting and standing in the aisles and of course it was very very hot.I as difficult to get my case through the mass of people and on to the luggage rack, so i was lucky to have my friends there to help me.
The train began to roll and we ere on our way and slow speed for what was probably the longest 2 hours of my life. I just could not get comfortable on the ‘rock’ hard seat and people were constantly bumping in to me, it was hot sweaty and smelly with so many bodies in the train car.This was a ‘no smoking’ car and I guess that at least 10% of the population were smoking, so be aware of this. The more the ‘no smoking’ signs the more the smokers.
We finally arrived at our destination and struggled to get the luggage through the sea of people in the car. If you ever do a trip like this try not to take large luggage and take plenty of water to drink. Better still take the bus!


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