Buddha Mountain, Jomtien, Thailand.


There are probably as many Buddha images in Thailand as there are people. As Thailand’s population is 60 million, this makes for a lot of Buddha’s: rare is the day when you don’t see one. Usually their effect on you is exactly what their creators must have intended. Regarding the Buddha’s shapely body and serene pose, his Mona Lisa-like smile, and his slightly sleepy eyes, you are transported temporarily to the outskirts of Nirvana, the place where no wind blows.

Imagine, then, the effect of regarding the largest Buddha image in the world, located just outside of Pattaya, Thailand.

Unlike most Buddha images, the largest is not a statue, but a cliff face inlaid with gold leaf in the outline of a sitting, Sukhothai-era Buddha. It is 130 meters tall, 70 meters wide, and can be seen from miles away. The image and mountain are alternately referred to as “Buddha Mountain”, Khao Chee Chan, or “Phra Phuttha Maha Vachira Utta Mopas Sasada”.

This is really something to see and should be on everyone’s list when visiting the Pattaya area.

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