Pattaya Tourist Police arrest suspected Jet Ski scammers


Pattaya Tourist Police arrest suspected Jet Ski scammers Blogger Labels: Pattaya,Tourist,Police,scammers

Pattaya Tourist Police arrested 5 Jet Ski Operators early on Saturday Morning, accused of attempting to extort money from two tourists from Saudi Arabia who had earlier hired Jet Skis from the operators on Pattaya Beach. The two tourists were confronted by the operators after they arrived back to shore and they claimed that damage had been caused and they should pay for the damage in what has been described as a classic case of a Pattaya Jet Ski Scam. Initially the operators and the tourists made their way to Pattaya Police Station where they could not come to a compromise. The tourists claimed that when they left the Police Station they were prevented from returning to their hotel, the Marriott Resort & Spa, further along Pattaya Beach and threatened to either pay or encounter problems. At this point the Tourist Police became involved and did something no local Police Division had done in the past.
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So finally they begin to arrest the Jet ski scammers and it takes the Tourist Police to take action. The ‘boys in brown’ (Thai Police) as they are affectionately called are usually in on the scam so always side with the scammers, so that they can share the ‘tea money’

This is a big step in the right direction for the Thailand tourism business


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  1. jenniferp1234 Says:

    It’s about time! I’m glad an attempt is being made to do something about tourist scams in Pattaya. I hope the effort brings good results and other Thai tourist destinations mimic the initiative. I was the victim of a tour bus scam in Chiang Mai last year. I didn’t know who to turn to after it happened and ended up losing time and money. I did some research afterward and found an article about tourists who had hired a Thailand lawyer to help them seek damages from a tour bus company. I never followed up on the article, but I suppose if the scam is harmful enough, getting a lawyer is one option. However, I don’t think it should have to come to that…tourist police have to do a better job of warning and arresting con artists. Tourists also need to do their part by reporting bad business practices.

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