Thailand flooding the worst in 50 years.


It’s sometimes very difficult to describe just how bad the flooding in Thailand really is, with some areas under 2 to 3 metres of water. The people are short of food and fresh water. The military have been called in to help but they have a massive job ahead of them. One can only hope that the rain stops and that the people get the help that they deserve giving them some respite from the troubles that they are facing daily.

These are the worst floods in 50 years and so far in excess of 250 people have perished in these awful conditions. I guess that figure will increase as time goes on because many areas are unreachable without the use of boats and helicopters.

My heart goes out to the poor people that are affected by this terrible flooding and again it is the poor that are the worst affected.

The above picture from Getty images just about sums thing up.

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