The history and culture of Thailand



Thailand and the Kingdom of Thailand. The country has a long history and. Since prehistoric or early start. Human communities that have emerged in the territory of the Nile River. Including the establishment of the kingdom and the origins of various cultural traditions. Continue and develop through time ever since. Until they are Thailand.

Early start.

Of archaeological evidence discovered in many areas of the country. Believe that at a meeting in Thailand today. A man living in the community since nearly six thousand years ago by people who occupied this land of the primeval forest is the Lawa and Karen and Mon-Khmer family. The kingdom was at Lop Buri Province is located today.


Late 18th century during the same period the northern Lanna kingdom flourished. One group of people who live in the territory of Cambodia. Came together and established the independence of the Sukhothai Kingdom of Cambodia. Under the absolute monarchy. I have Prarewg. Sri Indra or King’s Tit. He first became king. The administrative center is located at Sukhothai. The Sukhothai today.


Late 19th century a group of people that live in the lower Chao Phraya Basin has set up a new realm.Under the leadership of King Rama 1, or U-God. Land Bank of Ayudhya. And a collection of other kingdoms. Sukhothai, as well as into almost all counties are also authorized to extend over the Indochina peninsula, the island of Penang, Malaya and Singapore.


In the year 2310 when the Burmese army attacked Ayutthaya. Chao Phraya Tak had gathered about 500 troops was swerve breakout hit Burma are committed to Chanthaburi. The collection has a number of hosts. The Ayudhya army attack back in the same year. However, because of Ayutthaya at that time it is damaged than to restore it. The city of Myanmar on the path already. Makes it difficult to protect the country.


After the establishment of Thonburi. The city’s economy is in a very depressed state of war gathered in Thailand to be unified. The war against Burma to protect the capital. And the need to preserve the country and later in the year 2325, Phraya Chakri said that with the recovery of King Taksin the independence of the country on one of the two Ayudhya was crowned as King Rama. worldPathom Borom king of the Chakri dynasty.

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