Phuket, Thailand: Crime Capital of Asia

June 24, 2012 — Updated June 23, 2012 21:42 HKT

Phuket, Thailand: Crime Capital of Asia

Italian tourist Giovanni Stabbed in Phuket Jan 2012 by Gang on Beach 

If you are headed to Thailand for holidays you will have a great time, with one exception, avoid Phuket at all costs. FOr fun, investment or business Phuket is far too dangerous for tourists.

Phuket is now the one of the worlds most dangerous destinations for foreign and local tourists and businessmen. Armed gangs, some Tuk-Tuk drivers, some Jat Ski operators, tour operators etc are mostly controlled by criminal elements and Phuket is no longer safe to visit for foreigners or Thais.

In January this year Vorasit “Plawan” Issara, owner of Phuket’s Sripanwa luxury resort was stabbed twice in the stomach and hacked in the neck with a makeshift axe in an attack outside a Phuket nightclub where he was entertaining guests.

Vorasit is the scion of Bangkok’s prominent Issara family, which runs the giant property development company Charn Issara.

This week more than 50 police officers, including a team from the Crime Suppression Division in Bangkok, have been dedicated to catching the two men who attacked an unarmed female Australian tourist Michelle Smith, 60, who was stabbed to death in Kata.

Phuket Police are searching for two men who carried out a knife attack on two Australian tourists last night that left the woman dead and another injured. The attack, believed to have been a botched bag snatch attempt, occurred at Phuket’s Kata Beach, about 200 meters from the hotel where the women were staying.

Michelle Elizabeth Smith and Tammee Lee Lynn were walking back to their hotel after dinner at about 10pm when two men approached on a motorcycle, said the report by Chalong Police.

The motorbike passenger, who was not wearing a helmet, attacked the women with a knife. Ms Smith suffered a 15-centimeter-deep stab to the chest that punctured her lung and heart.

Ms Lynn’s right arm was slashed in the attack.

Police believe the attack was a failed attempt to snatch the women’s bags or yet another rape attempt. However, the two men fled the scene without taking any of the Australians’ belongings. Injured, the two tourists were attempting to make it back to the hotel for help when they were assisted by a hotel employee who rushed both women to hospital by car. Ms Smith died en route to hospital.

On Phi Phi Island more mysterious poisoning deaths this month, as Police are investigating the cause of death of two Canadian sisters found dead in their hotel room on Phi Phi Island yesterday afternoon. Lt Siwa Saneha of Phi Phi Island Police Station told the Phuket Gazette, “We received a report at about 9pm yesterday, that two tourists’ bodies were found in the same hotel room at the Phi Phi Palms Residence.

“We rushed to the hotel with medical officers from Koh Phi Phi Hospital and a rescue team.”

The sisters, one aged 20 and the other aged 26.

Also in this month Egyptian couple Hossam and Sarah boarded a plane on June 2 bound for their dream honeymoon in Phuket. However, their love story, which began in their mid-teens, came to an unfathomable and abrupt end in Phang Nga, when their tour company decided to brave rough waters and lead a whitewater rafting trip that ended in disaster.

It wasn’t until three days after the trip that the body of the honeymoon groom, Hossam Mostafa, 24, named by the Egyptian Embassy in Bangkok as Hossamellein Mostafa Abdallas Hamada, was found last Monday.

In June alone there were a number of business related murders in Phuket on Thai Nationals

All this just in one month, but it is not an anomoly, murder, rape and robbery are common place in Phuket and a stark contrast to the rest of Thailand.

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