Dishonest cop sees sentence reduced from 1,765 years to 50

BANGKOK: — The Supreme Court on Wednesday sentenced a Bangkok policeman to a total of 1,765 years in prison for embezzling Bt512,342 in fines, but reduced that to the legal maximum jail term of 50 years.

The lawsuit stated Pol SgtKosol Jompol, 41, a former administrative Bueng Kum district policeman, had failed to pay the fines into state bank accounts but instead put the money into his own pocket on 353 occasions from February 10, 2003 to April 30, 2004.

The primary court had ruled on November 19, 2010 that Kosol was guilty and gave him a 1,765-year prison term, which was halved due to his useful confession and then reduced to the maximum jail term of 50 years along with an order to return Bt512,342 to the state.

After the Appeal Court upheld the ruling in September 2011, the defendant, who had been detained throughout the trial, appealed further for a reduced sentence. He claimed that he didn’t realise the consequences of his action, that he had no financial expertise, that he had to take care of his ailing mother and that he had already returned the embazzled money to the state.

However, the Supreme Court did not consider there were sufficient grounds for reducing the sentence, which the lower courts had appropriately passed, and thus upheld the ruling, which will see the former policeman stay in jail the maximum 50 years.

After hearing the verdict, Kosol appeared calm and without emotion. None of his family members was present for the verdict.

I reckon he is not going to be alive in any case when his sentence is served. Only in Thailand!

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