Thai drug dealer held after ‘come and get me’ texts

BANGKOK, July 5, 2012 (AFP) – A bungling Thai drug dealer who sent text messages goading police to apprehend him has been arrested with dozens of amphetamine pills, a local police officer said Thursday.

The man, who is 24, was caught on Wednesday night in a town in northeast Thailand, after police received several messages challenging them to make an arrest, Major Viriyaphab Wangprom of the local police said.

The texts, apparently sent in anger after a number of his gang had been caught by police, read “come and arrest me, I am in Laos”, a neighbouring country where the man is believed to have picked up his drugs.

“During an investigation he confessed that he and an accomplice sent several messages to police mobile phones because they were angry that several of his traffickers had been arrested,” Viriyaphab told AFP.

Viriyaphab was charged with drug trafficking offences after being caught with 90 amphetamine tablets in his possession.

This one made me smile. I bet the guy feels really stupid right now!

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