Playing Golf in Thailand can be dangerous.

Played Golf yesterday at Pheonix Golf course in Pattaya.On the last hole my ball ended up off the fairway and landed in a clump of trees following my drive. I took aim and fired with my pitching wedge, hitting one of the trees and all of a sudden I felt sharp stings on my head and back. Unknown to me there was a wasps nest in the tree and I was soon being chased by angry wasps. Thai wasps are about 3 times the size of European wasps and their stings hurt like hell!


2 Responses to “Playing Golf in Thailand can be dangerous.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wow Rich,
    Be careful out there….what about snakes and bites, have you seen any on the golf course..

    • rab1957 Says:

      Hi AH yes we often see snakes and large monitor lizards on some of the course, but they generally move away when we approach. The wasps and bees are s different story.

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