The Ancient City Bangkok Thailand

The Ancient City Bangkok Thailand



Ancient cities, ruins or architecture are historic and constitute the splendors of the past. The past is the time, gone by, and its period represents a definite portion of time fixed by events occuring in nature or man-made in history, which follow one after another. The difference is that one precedes the other as the manner of the sun and the moon which take turns to give brightness to provide days, months and years. All phenomena have no point of beginning that can be clearly seen. There is a rotation-each following the other in regular order in a cycle. The effect today follows the cause of yesterday. The change of tomorrow is what happens today. Therefore, man must know the events of the past. If we have no knowledge of the past, it is somewhat like a vessel without a compass and a rudder on the high sea. What will happen to that vessel is a matter of grave concern.

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Initiative Will “Thai culture, together with ancient Thai lives, flourished in the past. Should we be able to preserve it with wisdom and thorough understanding, our today and tomorrow would be embraced with enduringly precious meanings. The question is ‘How has such glorious culture been in decline?’ Is it because of our ignorance or is there any other reason of more significance behind this? After due consideration, it’s seen that the gloomily declined Thai culture is caused by the fact that no one has properly disseminated the pinnacle essence of Thai culture to the general public in a simple way so they can easily understand and adapt it to their contemporary conditions and lifestyle. Consequently, when most people are not given any chance to access and understand their own country’s cultural heritage, how can they appreciate and be proud of it? Being aware of this, we should set out now. Therefore, we, with a mission on Thai culture, should make every effort to advocate all activities in this field.”


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