Suvarnabhumi introduces automatic check-in machines

Suvarnabhumi introduces automatic check-in machines

Suvarnabhumi introduces automatic check-in machines

 BANGKOK: –Suvarnabhumi introduces automatic check-in machines. The Suvarnabhumi airport on Monday launched a campaign for air passengers to use its automatic check-in kiosks in a bid to reduce congestion during the New Year Festival.

Sirote Duangratana, director of Suvarnabhumi airport of the Airports of Thailand Plc, said the campaign is intended for passengers to turn to use the airport’s “x-press check-in kiosks” to reduce the check-in time.

With the machine, each passenger requires only two to five minutes to complete the check-in and get a boarding pass, he said.

Mr Sirote said the airport has installed 16 automatic check-in machines at the departure lounge on the fourth floor.

The machines are being used by 14 airlines including Thai Airways International, Bangkok Airways, Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa and British Airways.

During the trial period, the machines will be in use until Feb 29, 2016.

The “x-press check-in kiosks” will be manned around the clock by the airport’s staff to advise passengers how to use them.

Upon arrival at the airport.

Arrivals:  Getting through Bangkok airports immigration queues

  • Fill out your arrival papers on the plane once they are handed out – at the same time try to fill out your departure card to save time later
  • Upon departure from the plane you’ll be in an internal tunnel linking to the main airport tunnel.
  • As Bangkok airport is quite large there’s a high probability immigration control is quite far from your terminal.
  • There are moving walkways bringing you to immigration but walking is often faster. There are plenty of toilets en route but nothing in the way of food etc.
  • Take note of the queues at immigration as there are Thai national queues and foreign queues all ahead of a long snaking rope line system.
  • If you are lucky there won’t be a lot of people. However the chances of that are slim. Be prepared to wait. The good news is that the queues do move quite quickly so don’t despair too much.
  • At immigration do take note of the marks on the ground. Don’t cross them until the immigration official says you can otherwise you’ll be ushered back and everything will be delayed.
  • Once the immigration official motions for you to come forward do so by handing in your passport then stepping back to your floor marks a step or two back from the counter.
  • The immigration official will then flick through your passport and take your photo with the small web cam in front of you.
  • If all goes well they will then start stamping your passport and arrival card before handing your passport back.
  • There are few smiles here, but do try yourself.
  • Now quickly walk on and get to your baggage ASAP!
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