Koh Lan Seafood Market Discover Thailand

Koh Lan Seafood Market Discover Thailand

Koh Lan Seafood Market Discover Thailand

We called in at the Koh Lan seafood market on the way back to our hotel to get some seafood for supper. This market is open early evening until late, or when they have sold out of stock. We arrived around 6 pm and the places was buzzing with people selecting the perfect seafood for their evening meal.

My wife checked out the quality of the catch and selected her seafood for the evening which was then passed to the Chefs who cooked barbecue style in open fires. The aroma was amazing and filled the air around the marketplace. The atmosphere was quite amazing with people excitedly choosing the various seafoods and then taking them to be cooked.

When the cooking was completed we headed back to the hotel and sat on the balcony overlooking the bay, devouring delicious seafood and washing it down with cold beer. The perfect end to our day.

Thai Cuisine is the national cuisine of Thailand. Balance, detail, and variety are of paramount significance to Thai chefs. In his book The Principles of Thai Cookery, celebrity chef, writer, and authority on Thai cuisine McDang wrote:

“What is Thai food? Every country in the world has its own food profile. It reflects its culture, environment, ingenuity and values. In the case of Thailand, these words come to mind: intricacy; attention to detail; texture; color; taste; and the use of ingredients with medicinal benefits, as well as good flavor.

We not only pay attention to how a dish tastes: we are also concerned about how it looks, how it smells, and how it fits in with the rest of the meal. We think of all parts of the meal as a whole – sum rap Thai (the way Thais eat), is the term we use for the unique components that make up a characteristically Thai meal.”

Thai cooking places emphasis on lightly prepared dishes with strong aromatic components and a spicy edge. It is known for its complex interplay of at least three and up to four or five fundamental taste senses in each dish or the overall meal: sour, sweet, salty, bitter, and spicy. Australian chef David Thompson, a prolific chef and expert on Thai food, observed that unlike many other cuisines:

“Thai food ain’t about simplicity. It’s about the juggling of disparate elements to create a harmonious finish. Like a complex musical chord it’s got to have a smooth surface but it doesn’t matter what’s happening underneath. Simplicity isn’t the dictum here, at all. Some westerners think it’s a jumble of flavours, but to a Thai that’s important, it’s the complexity they delight in.”.

Thai cuisine (อาหารไทย : Ar-Han-Thai) is one of the most popular cuisine in the world. In 2011, seven of Thailand’s popular dishes made it to the list of the “World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods (Readers’ Pick)”— a worldwide online poll of 35,000 people by CNN Travel. Thailand had more dishes on the list than any other country. They were tom yam goong (4th), pad Thai (5th), som tam (6th),massaman curry (10th), green curry (19th), Thai fried rice (24th) and moo nam tok (36th).

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Koh Lan Seafood Market Discover Thailand

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Haad Tien Koh Larn Pattaya Thailand

Haad Tien Koh Larn Pattaya Thailand Discover Thailand

Haad Tiien Koh Larn


Haad Tien Koh Larn Pattaya Thailand. Tien Beach is a mid sized beach here on the island. In as far as blue ocean and white sand this is the best. This beach has many restaurants and souvenir shops that are a little more upscale than at the other beaches, but still, has the flavor of Thailand. From what I have been told, this is a year round beach, with little fluctuation of tourist from season to season. The atmosphere here, well seems very relaxed and quiet. The people that visit here seem to come in smaller groups and there for not as much chatter that you would find amongst larger groups. Tien Beach is accessible by speedboat, charter and local taxi. When coming by taxi there is a short walk of about five minutes from the drop off point, there are no roads to this beach. The sea is blue and the sand is white so what more can you ask  for on a beach holiday?

Getting around

There are songthaews which meet every ferry at Koh Laan, and will take you to the beaches. Also you can hire bikes and motorbikes. The songteow cost to the beaches is usually B30, but further beaches cost a little more. They only run regularly from about 10am, so if you want to go earlier, you will need to treat them as a private hire. To get to the songteow start place, turn left from the pier, walk past the 7-11 on your left and a couple of hundred metres further along on your left is where they are.

Haad Tien Koh Larn Pattaya Thailand Discover Thailand


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