Three year old Thai twins get married

Three year old Thai twins get married, make amazing recovery from illness.

Three year old Thai twins get married

PATTHALUNG:– Three year old Thai twins get married. Two three year old twins “got married” in the south of Thailand on Friday after their “incredible” recovery from illness stunned family and neighbours.

The ceremony, attended by hundreds of locals in the Patthalung area of the deep south, featured all the trappings of a Thai wedding – such as the traditional gifts for the nuptials and even a dowry of 150,000 baht for the hand of the female twin in marriage! This tradition is something seen from time to time in Thailand when a family is struck by misfortune of one kind or another.

In this case the mother, Chayanan Saramolee,36, had fallen sick while carrying twins and was constantly ill. After the birth of her children – Thorfan and Marwin, born three minutes apart – the children too were constantly in and out of sickness for a long period.

It was decided to arrange a mock marriage between the two and, according to the father, as soon as this was done everyone recovered as if by magic. Last year, a couple in Chainat arranged for their four year old twins to be married because they believed that if they didn’t, the children would die at the hands of evil spirits.

Three year old Thai twins get married

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People worried about drought ‘but doing little’

People worried about drought ‘but doing little’

Original article from The Nation Thailand March 20th 2016

Drought Thailand

Slash & burn still being practised in rural Thailand

MOST people are concerned about a shortage of water as a result of the severe drought across the country, but have not helped save water, a new survey has found.


A rice farmer in Suphan Buri province burns dried rice stubble in preparation for the next crop season. Water has been rationed among farmers and gardeners in irrigated areas in the Central Plains for farming, and among municipal-area residents for tap-water production.

Some 63 per cent of respondents said they were worried about the impact of the drought on their everyday life.

However, 54 per cent admitted they still used water in the same manner they always did, according to results of the survey by Bangkok University’s Bangkok Poll.

Some 38 per cent said they used less water, but the remaining 8 per cent said they used more.

The survey was conducted on 1,263 people in all regions of the country.

Some 58 per cent of respondents said they agreed with the government’s measures to manage the consumption of water, while 56 per cent said they would ration water if necessary and 44 per cent would not.

Sixty per cent expect the situation will result in a “rather small impact” on their life while 40 per cent foresee “much impact”.

Meanwhile, the Nakhon Ratchasima Irrigation Office installed two large pumps at the Ban Deu weir to pump the slow-running water into the Lam Takong dam’s five downstream districts – Sikhiu, Sung Noen, Kham Thale Sor, Muang and Chalerm Prakiat – to support 100 stations making tap-water there, Lam Takong irrigation chief Sutthiroj Kongkaew said yesterday.

He said the raw water supply would enable the stations to produce approximately 432,000 cubic metres of tap-water per day as the dam – currently with 73 million cubic metres of usable water or 23 per cent of its capacity – would release up to 432,000 cubic metres a day.

Meanwhile, sand is showing at parts of Takong-connected canals, allowing people to walk across them.

A large number of dead sucker fish – a species known for its hardiness – has been found in the river.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has asked members of the public, as well as farmers to use water in the most efficient way possible.

Ahead of “World Water Day” on Tuesday, Prayut said conserving water was a global challenge, as everyone has to work together to prevent threats to natural water resources, that could limit supplies.

He urged all people to conserve water and use it more efficiently, saying farmers should postpone off-season cultivation entirely, and switch to drought-tolerant crops.

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