Vendors at Silom Night Market to be evicted

Vendors at Silom Night Market to be evicted Bangkok

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Vendors at Silom Night Market to be evicted

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Vendors at Silom Night Market to be evicted. The scene of tourists clogging Silom road’s sidewalk as their party of five excitedly stops for pirated DVDs and Chang Beer shirts is about to end.

City Hall has ordered nearly 600 vendors currently permitted to operate on the sidewalk of Silom road to clear out by the end of the month as part of the city’s cleanliness and order campaign, Vallop Suwandee of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration said yesterday.

However, the vendors located in sois off the main road, such as Patpong, will be permitted to stay, Khaosod English reported.

Vallop said that vendors on Silom road usually park their vehicles near their stalls on the main street, clogging the traffic, while some food vendors dispose of their waste in public drains.

Not to mention, some vendors also offer illegal goods such as counterfeit bags, sex toys, and pirated and porn DVDs.

Selling an array of goods aimed at tourists, Silom Night Market is often listed as one of the places to visit in Bangkok.

The decision to demolish the famous market follows similar moves with other locations including markets at Saphan Lek, Khlong Thom, Pak Khlong Talad, Tha Prachan and Pratunam.

This is the end of an era and very sad for Bangkok. The more markets that they close the more the heart leaves the city.

Vendors at Silom Night Market to be evicted

By Coconuts Bangkok May 13, 2016 / 16:59 ICT



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  1. doug prosser Says:

    about time they were removed they pay no taxes block doorways to other shops power leads on footpath etc

    • Richard Says:

      Thanks for the comment Doug but I cant agree. The majority of friends that visit Thailand ask me where is the best place to shop in Bangkok, so that they can take back some memories and presents for their friends and families. I of course mention the night markets rather than the malls. The point I am making is that people have this in mind before they even arrive and to take it away is ridiculous. This will cost Bangkok tourist numbers in the long run. Som Nam Na

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