Bangkok Dining at the Joe Louis Puppet Theater

Top Bangkok Dining experience at the Joe Louis The Art of Thai Cuisine and Thai Puppet Theater

Author: Pen Drageon. 

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Bangkok Dining
Bangkok Dining
CR: Joelouis cuisine Bangkok Dining

While Bangkok, fondly known as the “Big Mango” offers an eclectic selection of dining venues and experiences, few or any can truly rival the unique and original concept of the renown Joe Louis Puppet Theater and Restaurant which is located at Asiatique the Riverfront. This restaurant not only offers an authentic array of traditional Thai cuisine for the taste buds but also a unique display for one of the treasured lost art of puppetry in Thailand.

Bangkok Dining

Conveniently located at the front entrance of Asiatique the Riverfront, it is hard to miss with its contemporary design style and a blend between a casual and fine dining ambiance. There are various puppets on display at the counter to give a hint of what is to come as part of your dining experience. The upper level of the restaurant is making way for a new puppet theater for those who only want to watch the show but at the moment any full length performance is only available by special invitation at private performances.

The Joe Louis Puppet Theater and Restaurant started out as atraditional Thai puppet outfit that was passed from several generations back. It is now considered one of the national treasures of Thailand and under the patronage of HM Queen Sirikit of Thailand to revive this ancient traditional art form. This puppet troupe has won numerous international awards and accolades forbest puppetry performances and is recognized as a master craft in Thailand. Major performances are only available for private functions but you can get a glimpse of these puppets during a dinner performance at their restaurant. Each puppet requires at least 3 performers to manipulate the intricate movements of the puppet.

Bangkok Dining
CR: Joelouis Cuisine Bangkok Dining
Bangkok Dining
CR: Joelouis Cuisine Bangkok Dining

The restaurant serves a good selection of traditional Thai cuisinebased on olden recipes with the freshest ingredients. Prices are reasonable for the quality of the ingredients and cooking. Recommended dishes are the mixed Thai appetizers which comes in 4 sampling varieties per order and consists of the traditional Thai spring roll, a light pastry basket with meat fillings and a special chili sauce, deep fried minced shrimp on a slice of toast and Thai spicy fish cakes. Other signature dishes from the menu are spicy wing bean salad, and off course their varieties of authentic old-style curries which puts a zing to your taste buds with all the aromatic spices and herbs used in the cooking.

Bangkok Dining
CR: Joelouis cuisine Bangkok Dining
Bangkok Dining
CR: Joelouis cuisine Bangkok Dining
Bangkok Dining
CR: Joelouis Cuisine Bangkok Dining

The puppet performance at Joe Louis restaurant starts around 7.00 pm on Fridays to Sundays only. You will be entertained to a short introduction of the puppetry arts and a performance by the lovable character of Hanuman the monkey god in tales of the Ramayanatogether with another character, the Princess Sita. This is the only time you will be able to watch just such a marvelous display ofancient Thai puppetry and be able to interact with the puppets as they seemingly come to live at the hands of the skilled puppeteers. Joe Louis the Art of Thai Cuisine and Thai Puppet Theater is one of the top 10 things to do in Bangkok whenever you visit the Big Mango.

Bangkok Dining
CR: Joelouis Cuisine
Bangkok Dining
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Top 10 Pattaya Thailand Attractions

Top 10 Pattaya Thailand Attractions

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The Top 10 Pattaya Thailand Attractions. Thailand’s famous beach resort town of Pattaya has developed a colorful reputation over the years. Located less than 200 km from Bangkok, it’s a convenient place to enjoy sun, sand and sea. The beach town has drawn tourists and ex-pats from all over the world ever since US soldiers “discovered” the once-sleepy getaway destination during the Vietnam War. Since then, Pattaya’s profile has steadily increased and it is now one of the most popular beach destinations in Southeast Asia.

After a spate of development in the 1970s, the city became known as a haven for sex tourism, though in recent years the government has made efforts to turn Pattaya into a family-friendly destination. Still, Pattaya remains more of an adult’s destination. If you are traveling with the family or are seeking a more subdued location, check out Jomtien Beach. The area is still touristy, but quieter than the bustling center of town.

1. Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark Pattaya

Pattaya Thailand Attractions

Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark near Pattaya is larger and more spectacular than anything of its kind in Thailand, with 30 state-of-the-art water rides and slides and other attractions including Disneyworld-style mascots, entertainment shows, a food court with many regional food types and all-round aquatic fun for the whole family. The park is logically split into sections catering to smaller children and teens and fully-grown children with families of their own. Located on Sukhumvit Road about 20 minutes drive from Pattaya Beach, there are 10 entertainment zones, featuring characters such as Ben 10, The Powerpuff Girls, Gumball, Darwin and others from popular shows on Cartoon Network. There is enough to do to keep the whole family occupied for an entire day, including the Surfarena (a flowrider which recreates a perfect breaking wave for surfing) and Mega Wave (which simulates the more gentle waves of the nearby sea, only without the riptides, jellyfish and hidden rocks).

  • Opening Hours: 10:00 – 18:00
  • Location: 888 Sukhumvit Road, Na Jomtien
  • Tel: +66 (0)3 823 7707
  • Price Range: 1,800 for foreigners; 1,200 for Thai citizens and those with Thai ID

2 Nong Nooch Village

Pattaya Thailand Attractions

The sprawling park at Nong Nooch (pronounced “nung nut”) Village offers a little bit of everything on the spectrum. There’s a magnificent orchid garden that will awaken the inner horticulturist in everyone, and a zoo that’s fun for all ages. Guests can also see Thai boxing matches, cockfights, and an elephant show (the latter two being of dubious ethical quality). Door-to-door transportation can be arranged through the park or a local tour company.

Hours: Daily 8am-6pm

Admission: 500 THB for adults, includes full park access, cultural shows, and elephant performances

Address: 34/1 Moo 7 Na Jomtien, Sattahip

3 Jomtien Beach

Pattaya Thailand Attractions
Jomtien Beach

Escape the bustle of the main city, but still enjoy Pattaya’s highlights by relaxing at Jomtien Beach. Sun yourself near the peaceful shoreline or take refuge in shade provided by trees at the beach’s edge. Water lovers can take advantage of all kinds of activities, including jetskiing, parasailing, and windsurfing. When in need of refreshment, guests will find plenty of restaurants serving up local fare and fresh seafood.

4 Sanctuary of Truth

Pattaya Thailand Attractions
Sanctuary of Truth

Billed as “the magnificence of heaven recreated on Earth”, this massive building is a study in Thai architectural styles. Every available space is intricately decorated with wooden carvings and the entire structure was built to pay homage to ancient religions and philosophies – a reaction to modern egotistical behaviors and attitudes. While visiting the sanctuary, guests can take in Thai cultural shows and Thai boxing, or go elephant trekking, horseback riding, or hop on a speedboat to get around.

Admission: 450 THB for adults, 225 THB for children (when purchased at a discount online)

Address: 206/2 Moo 5, Soi Naklua 12 , Naklua, Banglamung

5 Wat Yansangwararam

Pattaya Thailand Attractions
Wat Yansangwararam

As with all of Thailand’s impressive wats, this one offers insight not only into Thai design and architectural traditions, but also into the society’s values. This temple was dedicated to King Bhumibol Adulyadej in 1988 to commemorate the 42nd year of his reign. To the right-hand side of the path leading to the temple there is a lake with attractive Chinese pavilions and other buildings. Wat Yansangwararam’s shrine stands on a hill, reached by a flight of 299 steps lined with naga snakes.

6 Mini Siam

Pattaya Thailand Attractions
Mini Siam

A fun way to see the wonders of Thailand and the world, Mini Siam displays models of some of the most famous international sites. Among those on display: Bangkok’sVictory Monument and Wat Arun (also known as the Temple of the Dawn), New York’sStatue of Liberty, London’s Tower Bridge, Sydney’s Opera House, and Paris’ Arc de Triomphe. Bookings should be made at least a day in advance.

Hours: Daily 7am-10pm

Address: 387 Moo 6 Sukhumvit Rd., Pattaya City Naklua, Banglamung

7 Four Regions Floating Market

Pattaya Thailand Attractions
Four Regions Floating Market Leo Fung

The first and only floating market in Pattaya, this bustling hive of commerce gives guests an opportunity to experience local living and indulge in excellent Thai fare. If meandering through the market doesn’t seem like enough excitement for you, hop on a tour that includes boat rides, visits to rice fields and traditional Thai houses, wicker crafting, and a stop at the kite museum.

Hours: Daily 8am-6pm

Admission: Free, but tours can cost up to 300 THB

Address: 451/304 Mu 12, Sukhumvit Road, Tambon Nong Prue, Amphoe Bang Lamung

8 Pattaya Park

Pattaya Thailand Attractions
Pattaya Park

A day spent at Pattaya Park will be a fun one, whether you’re young or young at heart. Get the adrenaline pumping with a ride on the roller-coaster or indulge that childhood nostalgia on the carousel. There’s a water park for cooling off and the Pattaya Park Tower affords you beautiful views of the surrounding area while you indulge in a good meal.

Hours: Daily 10am-7pm (Fun Park)

Address: 345 Jomtien Beach, Pattaya City

9 Underwater World Pattaya

Pattaya Thailand Attractions
Underwater World Pattaya

A trip to Underwater World is not your average day at the aquarium. Here, at Thailand’s first modern aquarium, guests can spend the night among the animals, feed koi fish from bottles, and dive with sharks and rays. Other activities and tourist attractions include otter and shark feedings. Be sure to book in advance for diving, snorkeling, and other special programs.

Hours: Daily 9am-6pm (last guests admitted at 5:30pm)

Admission: 500 THB for adults, 300 THB for children (diving and other special programs cost extra)

Address: 22/22 Moo 11,Sukhumvit Rd.,Nongprue, Banglamung

10 Naklua

Pattaya Thailand Attractions

For some quality time at the markets, head to the small town of Naklua. Plan your excursion in the morning to take advantage of the fish market, or in the evening for the night market. You’ll find several good restaurants in the area and get a taste of local life away from the tourist crowds in the heart of Pattaya. It’s best to take a group taxi, so make some new friends while lounging at the beach and make an outing of it together.

 Pattaya is slowly changing are there are far more family visitors than ever before, so there will be many more attractions to visit in the future.
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Pattaya Thailand Chocolate indulgence by the sea

Pattaya Thailand Chocolate indulgence by the sea

Author: Pen Drageon

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Pattaya Thailand Chocolate indulgence by the sea
 Pattaya Thailand Chocolate indulgence by the sea
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Pattaya Thailand Chocolate indulgence by the sea. The resort city of Pattaya always seem to have something that never fails to fascinate the many tourists and visitors to its shores which is not just for the sun and sea. The area of Pratumnak Hill has many new developments and currently lauded as one of the most prestigious areas to live in and invest. That aside, this knoll of hill has a commanding view of the Gulf of Pattaya, a private beach, the well-known Pattaya View Point, Big Buddha attraction and now a beautiful range of restaurants with a view to die for.

Pattaya Thailand Chocolate indulgence by the sea

Pattaya Thailand Chocolate indulgence by the sea

Welcome to a chocolate lovers dream come true at the Chocolate Factory. A place to indulge in your chocolate fantasies while enjoying the view and the ambiance. This restaurant in Pratumnak Hill, Pattaya is the second outlet after the one in Khaoyai, Nakhon Ratchasima. Similar to its sister restaurant, the Chocolate Factory Pattaya has full length windows throughout so that you get a breathtaking view of the coast and sea.

Pattaya Thailand Chocolate indulgence by the sea

Pattaya Thailand Chocolate indulgence by the sea

The restaurant is divided into three areas namely the retail section where you can buy various chocolate products and homemadegoodies, the chocolate factory itself which is a chocolate workshopspace for aspiring would be chocolatiers to join in their workshop sessions to create beautiful chocolate dishes under tutelage of a chocolate chef, the indoor and outdoor dining areas with plush seating and comfy outdoor seating for those who want to enjoy a view on the outside.

Pattaya Thailand Chocolate indulgence by the sea

The restaurant opens in the morning for breakfast right through till dinner time. On the menu are a mix of European dishes and a fusion of Thai cuisine specialties.

Pattaya Thailand Chocolate indulgence by the sea

Pattaya Thailand Chocolate indulgence by the sea

Pattaya Thailand Chocolate indulgence by the sea

Off course a must try are the namesake chocolate dishes such as thechocolate fondue with fruit or take your pick of over thirty different chocolate delights created by Chef Eric Perez, one of the top 10 dessert chefs from the United States.

Pattaya Thailand Chocolate indulgence by the sea

Photo courtesy of Chocolate Factory

For me and I am sure many as well, the one thing I look forward too is to sink my teeth into some really delightfully sinful melt-in-your-mouth chocolate beauties.

Pattaya Thailand Chocolate indulgence by the sea

Pattaya Thailand Chocolate indulgence by the sea

Pattaya Thailand Chocolate indulgence by the sea

With three whole display cases of these bite sized jewels, you will be spoilt for choice. There is dark chocolate, white chocolate, creamy chocolate, nuts in chocolate, liqueur embedded chocolates, fruit candy chocolates … oh! Chocolate heaven!

Pattaya Thailand Chocolate indulgence by the sea

Photo courtesy by Chocolate Factory

If just indulging in these chocolates is not enough, give the chocolate workshops a try and learn how to make your own supply of sinful delights for those moments of cravings. For a small fee, of around THB380 you can sign up for a beginner course in chocolate making. This would actually be a great way to impress that someone special if you made your own customized chocolate goodies to accompany a very romantic meal at the Chocolate Factory.

Pattaya Thailand Chocolate indulgence by the sea

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Are Thais Falling Back in Love with Pattaya?

Are Thais Falling Back in Love with Pattaya?

Are Thais Falling Back in Love with Pattaya?

Author: The Pattaya Sleuth

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Are Thais Falling Back in Love with Pattaya? It is fair to say that if you mention the word “Pattaya” to many Thai people you will get a look of disgust and distain staring back at you. To be honest you will get a similar look from many Westerners who live outside of the area but has there been a shift in the attitude, particularly from the Thais, towards the city that is perhaps associated most with red light districts, drunken parties and less than perfect beaches filled with sunburnt tourists?

Although finding any accurate figures to confidently back things up is proving difficult, the number of Thai people who are coming to the city for short breaks seems to be notably on the increase. Developers and Real Estate agents have also been known to comment that sales of condominiums in Thai quote is “on the up” and quite frankly that can only be a good thing for all concerned.

So what are the reasons for falling back in love with a city that had previously been so despised? Perhaps it is because the city has certainly cleaned up its image in recent years. Families are now welcome and actively encouraged to come where in the past it may have raised a few eyebrows. This probably results in Thai nationals feeling more comfortable and less embarrassed and when they have actually got to Pattaya they have found that isn’t that bad after all and told family and friends of their enjoyment rather than their shame.

Getting to Pattaya is quite straightforward as well. There are many buses coming to the city from various locations around the country with an excellent road links connecting the city with Bangkok. There are also an increasing number of flights available to the ever expanding, nearby U-Tapao airport with daily flights to Chaing Mai, Udon and Phuket with more domestic flights always on the cards. Pattaya is now accessible in ways that had not previously been the case and the increase in flights must suggest that there is the demand.

Are Thais Falling Back in Love with Pattaya?

There are also plenty of attractions that will appeal to Thai people. These include Nong Nooch Gardens, the Sanctuary of Truth as well as water parks and of course shops and markets that will always prove to be popular. It is very clear that Pattaya has far more to offer than simply a few beer bars, a sex industry and a few grubby beaches. The is plenty to love about Pattaya so why not give it a second chance?

Are Thais Falling Back in Love with Pattaya?

The Pattaya Sleuth full story

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Is alcohol too cheap in Thailand

Is alcohol too cheap in Thailand. What do you think?

Is alcohol too cheap in Thailand

Is alcohol too cheap in Thailand. Activists are demanding a tax increase on alcohol sales in Thailand, in order to discourage new drinkers and reduce medical costs for alcohol-related maladies.

The call comes from the Centre for Alcohol Studies, reports the Bangkok Postwho want to mimic the recent hike in excise tax on cigarettes – that so-called ‘sin tax’ is expected to raise an additional ฿1 billion (US$28,000) a month for the treasury and reduce the nation’s smokers by 3 percent.

But what effect would more expensive alcohol have in Thailand?

Dr Sawitree Assanangkornchai, the director of the Centre for Alcohol Studies, puts forward the danger of alcohol and it’s potential lead into health and social problems. She also correlates alcohol intake with a descent into illegal drugs for young people.

“The government should not support sin-products that harm the quality of life of Thai people. The tax on alcoholic beverages should be raised quickly, as price measures have been proven to be a primary way to solve the drinking problem, especially among new drinkers,” said Dr Sawitree.

Thailand undoubtedly has a growing problem with alcohol: 18,000 Thais die of alcohol-related problems annually while there are around 260,000 new drinkers every year, according to the National Statistic Office. These are some of the highest stats in Asia, putting Thailand among the region’s biggest alcohol consumers.

While imported alcoholic beverages like wine, champagne and certain spirits sell expensively in stores, locally manufactured alcohol, especially beers, whiskeys and rums, are incredibly cheap and affordable to swathes of Thailand’s population, regardless of income.

Hiking up the alcohol tax would undoubtedly put regular purchases of alcohol financially out of reach for some Thais; inevitably the poor and the young. As always with ‘sin taxes’, these demographics are the ones most affected. It’s unlikely that marginally higher prices will deter the wealthy from buying alcohol.

There’s also the tourist demographic to take account of too.

Part of what makes Thailand so appealing to a certain breed of traveller – namely young, budget backpackers and older westerners living off a limited pension fund – is the low alcohol prices. Cheap buckets of high-strength cocktails on Khao San Road is more or less a rite of passage for backpackers nowadays while sinking pint after pint of Chang on Soi 4 might be seen as the pinnacle of western, male retirement for some.

Increasing the price of alcohol may not entirely put off these tourists, but it’s likely to reduce their expenditure and time spent in the Kingdom.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing: stories tumble out of the tabloids almost daily of drunk tourists getting into scrapes, accidents and altercations while under the influence on holiday. Many crimes in Thailand are often committed under the influence of alcohol – the recent attack and rapes of a group of French tourists was allegedly committed by a group of drunk Cambodian fishermen, for example.

What do you think – will higher alcohol prices cut crime and health problems? Or do they unfairly target the poor? Is alcohol too cheap in Thailand?

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Pattaya bike week Travel Thailand

Pattaya bike week Travel Thailand


Pattaya bike week. Location. Pattaya Sports Arena, Pattaya Soi Chaiyapruek 2

Pattaya bike week Pattaya Thailand. Pattaya Bike Week is a huge event that brings bikers together all across Thailand for various activities and shows. It is held every year in Pattaya around mid-February and it raises large amounts of money for charity each year. It is a time for local and tourist bikers to come together and showcase their bikes. Bike Week is filled with music and food with a warm concert festival atmosphere. It can get busy, loud, exciting, electric and of course a fun event.

Yesterday the 12th February we attended the Burapa Bike Week Pattaya Thailand. We were not too sure what to expect from the event other that seeing large amounts of Motorcycles, so we arrived at the venue early at around 3pm. The admission was free and the car parking easy at this time of the day, but I am told that its gets very busy later in the day and there are long queues into the car park, so go early.

We entered the show ground and were greeted with endless rows of tents and canopies selling just about everything that you would need as a biker even bikes. jackets, T shirts, jeans, boots helmets and many other items at what seemed to be reasonable prices. As this is Thailand there were also many food stalls and the aroma of cooking filled the air. The food was being sold at normal prices and a large can of Chang classic came in at a very reasonable 60 Baht.

We spent a few hours looking around and taking pics of the fantastic array of bikes of all makes shapes and sizes. There were an incredible number of different bike clubs from in and around Thailand and each had their own area in the ground where they could meet up and chat and generally have a good time.

The first live band came on stage at around 5.30 pm and the event really kicked off from there on. Bands play on through the night into the early hours of the morning and of course the drinks flow. Given the fact that there are Motorcycle clubs attending, like the Hells Angels and the Nomads this is a fun event and everyone was enjoying themselves in a carnival atmosphere. It was quite amazing to see a 7 year old girl playing the guitar and singing ‘Smoke on the water’ whist being backed by a full on rock band. There are many other activities through the day too, Indians and Cowboys horse riding show, Hot air balloons, Microlite flying and you can even get a tattoo.

We left at around 8 pm , but the music played on into the night. All in all we had a great day and would recommend that you put this event in your diary for next year. Same time same place.

Pattaya bike week Pattaya Thailand Discover Thailand

Pattaya bike week Pattaya more info

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Applying for a Thai driving license

Applying for a Thai driving license in Pattaya

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Applying for a Thai driving license

Applying for a Thai driving license

My 5 year Thai driving license expired 2 years and 2 months ago, basically because I forgot to renew it. Under intense pressure from my wife I decided to bit the bullet and apply for a new license. I applied in person at the land transportation office in Pattaya and supplied the necessary documents.

A copy of the photo page of my passport.

A copy of the current visa extension from my passport.

A proof of residency letter from immigration. The yellow house book can also be used for this purpose.

2 application forms one for the car license and the other for the motorcycle license

A health certificate. This can be got for around 100 baht at local clinics.

Upon submission and acceptance of my documents i was given and appointment card and told to return on the 4th of february which was 3 weeks away.

I duly reported on the aforementioned date and handed in my copy of the documents and was ushered to the information room along with around 15 other people. Farangs are separated from the Thais for some strange reason. Our documents were again checked and we had a form to sign as confirmation.

We were moved next door to complete the reaction and eyesight tests, which consist of the supervisor point out colours on a board and the applicants naming that colour. ie. red yellow and green. This was easy to pass.

The next test was for reaction and this is basically do complete an emergency stop. Press the accelerator pedal until the green light comes on and then hit the brake when it changes to red. Again this was easy to complete.

We were then moved to the Video room and told to watch the driving information movies for the next 4 hours. We were told that if we left the room our applications would be cancelled, so you can imagine the joy. The information was not that informative because the TV screen was too small at 20 inches wide and the video player kept jamming. We finally were saved my the lunch bell and only had to endure 3 hours of ‘information’

We went back to the main desk to pick up our passports and were told to come back at 1 pm the next day. I arrived at 12.30 just to make sure that there was a parking spot available, be warned its a very busy office. I checked in at the main desk and was sent back to the Information room to site the driving knowledge exam which consists of 50 questions and is completed at a workstation.

I was given a card to insert into the machine, hit the start button and i was away. The questions are quite easy, but beware of the English or should I say Thaienglish lol. I got the question online before i went for the exam and i recommend that you do the same. This will give you a chance to work out just what they are looking for in the answers. The questions are in the form of multiple choice and there are 4 choices per question. I will post a link for the application form and the questions at the end of the blog.

So Ok i completed and passed the first 50 questions for the car license with flying colours only to be told that I had to do them again for the motorcycle license. They are the same questions lol.

I was then given a card and told to go to desk 3 to pay for the licenses which amounted to 1060 baht for the 2 of them. I was then given a number and told to wait in the photograph queue until my number was called. 10 mins later i was called and had the photograph taken and then within the next 10 minutes my licenses were issued.

It was all fairly painless other than having to visit the centre over 3 days to get the licenses.

Applying for a Thai driving license.

Follow the link for more information and the necessary paperwork






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