My travels in Asia

Chinese Buddhist and other temples, Yuncheng, China

1300 years old ‘iron bull’
There are 4 iron bull’s at this historic site that represent the 4 ancient nations of China and they are estimated to be around 1300 years old. The bulls secured a huge river bridge spanning the mighty Yellow river. The river has since changed it’s course and left this now dry land with this wonderful sight. It’s amazing how they could forge iron to this standard 1300 years ago.
The gardens at the iron bull site.

Iron bull site entrance

Model of temple

Ill fated lovers at the love temple. She was rich and he was poor so the marriage was forbidden by Ying Ying’s mother. Ying Ying’s the woman by the way.


Big drum housing. Bang he huge drum and get good luck.

The big bell. Ring the bell and get good luck.

Lovers temple entrance

Lovers temple

Elephants at the entrance

‘Gaunli’ temple main building. Guanli was a hero in China and was a giant of a man wielding an axe that weighed 1500 Kgs

‘Guanli’ temple

Entrance to ‘Guanli’ temple

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