Hotel check in Ningbo

Earlier today my Chinese colleague and myself checked into the Lisi hotel in Ningbo. When the receptionist issued to room keys I saw that my room was number 1310. Jokingly I said to my colleague that I could not stay in this room because the number 13 is unlucky in England, she said no worries because its not unlucky in China.

She then went on to say that unluckiest room number is Chinese is 914. Apparently this means that you are soon going to die. Just heads up avoid this room number at all costs!

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Wheels of China 6


OK so from the old to the new. Here are the spectacular Chinese high speed trains

These trains have achieved speeds of 480 Km’s per hour in testing and are now running on the new tracks between the two most important cities in China, Beijing and Shanghai. They were initially going to be run at speeds of 350 Km’s per hour, but this has been reduced to 300 Km’s and hour for safety reasons.

The distance between the two cities is around 1300 Km’s and this will be achieved in 4 hours 48 minutes. The cost of the trip depends on which class you take, but comes in at a basic 410 RMB, around 40 GBP

This mode of transport ha really put the pressure on the domestic airlines as it is faster and cheaper, so the price war rages on.

I hope to try this high speed train journey at some point so I will let you know how it goes.

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The wheels of China 2


This is the standard peddle bike ‘Rickshaw’. The thing that I have noticed about these is that although they seem to be very popular for short journeys, the drivers all seem to be over 60 years old, so very slow going, but a cheap and cheerful way to travel.

This guy in the picture is an exception to the rule.

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Tai lake, Suzhou, China


Had a meal at a lakeside restaurant on Suzhou island. This is one of the nicest places that I have been in China and I guess this lake is the biggest that I have ever seen.

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Train ride in China

I had the dubious pleasure of train ride from Yangzhou to Yancheng about 3 hours north East of Shanghai. The train ride took 2.5 hours and cost 25 RMB, so was great value for money. We booked the tickets and boarded the train, we had seat numbers, but the problem was finding the seats. The carriage was very overcrowded with many people sitting and standing in the aisles and of course it was very very hot.I as difficult to get my case through the mass of people and on to the luggage rack, so i was lucky to have my friends there to help me.
The train began to roll and we ere on our way and slow speed for what was probably the longest 2 hours of my life. I just could not get comfortable on the ‘rock’ hard seat and people were constantly bumping in to me, it was hot sweaty and smelly with so many bodies in the train car.This was a ‘no smoking’ car and I guess that at least 10% of the population were smoking, so be aware of this. The more the ‘no smoking’ signs the more the smokers.
We finally arrived at our destination and struggled to get the luggage through the sea of people in the car. If you ever do a trip like this try not to take large luggage and take plenty of water to drink. Better still take the bus!

Chinese Buddhist temple, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China


Here is a picture of a Chinese Buddhist temple that I took on Suzhou island, about 3 hours North of Shanghai.

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Traditional Chinese Hotel

I stayed in this hotel last night in Yangzhou which is around 2 hours bus ride from Shanghai. I really enjoy seeing the old ‘pagoda’ roof style buildings. This site was apparently in the past the home of a very rich Chinese guy and it was sold lately to be converted to a hotel. It has not lost any of it’s charm throughout the conversion.

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Yangzhou, China

I came across this nice ornamental piece in the restaurant in the hotel that I was staying in last night. It’s a kind of mixture between Buddhism and Chinese art.

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