Hilary Clinton arrives in Thailand to offer assistance during the flood disaster

Hilary Clinton arrives in Thailand to offer assistance during the flood disaster

Hilary Clinton arrived In Thailand today to offer assistance during the Thai floods. It’s rumoured that husband Bill Clinton Immediately went on a fact finding mission in the Soi Cowboy area of the city, upon landing.


Soi Cowboy.

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The bad side of the floods in Thailand.

I find it to be very sad when some Thai nationals have taken it upon themselves to take advantage of their country men during the flood disaster in Thailand. Rather than helping their fellow Buddhist Thais they are extorting them, by overcharging for boat services and even committing violent robberies. Its good to see that the authorities have acted swiftly to combat these issues.

Below is a short article from the nation news paper.

Most flood related complaints lodged with police have involved violent robberies and extortionate prices for boat transport services, according to Pol MajGeneral Piya Uthayo, a spokesman for the Royal Thai Police

The eight areas where the highest prices were being charged for boat services were Soi Sena, Soi Suayai, National Memorial, Ban Mai Canal, Big C Chaeng Wattana, Bang Yai City housing estate, Soi Thait and Soi Piyanon. All of these areas are in Bangkok, Nonthaburi or Pathum Thani.
Boat service operators deemed to be in violation of the Prices of Goods and Services Act, BE 2542, for overcharging face sentences of seven years in jail and/or fines of up to Bt140,000, Piya said.
The eight areas to have seen the most robbery complaints are the Aksara, Sor Phanurangsi, Saeng Buathong, Hunsa Macharoen, Muang Ake and Monthon Teamwes housing estates, Rangsitland condominium and Suwan Maithai shopping centre in the same provinces.

The mind boggles.

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Deadly green mambas escape in Pak Kret, Thailand flooding.


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Another terror from the floods emerged yesterday – the public was warned 15 green mamba snakes escaped from a flooded building in Nonthaburi’s Pak Kret district on Tuesday night.
Officials say the highly venomous snakes include two adults – twometres
long – and 13 onemetrelong young ones.
Anyone spotting the snakes must alert the Zoo and Wildlife Veterinary Society of Thailand via hotline 1362 or the Jor Sor 100 radio station at 027119160.
Wild Animal Rescue Foundation of Thailand vicepresident Chisanu Tiyacharoensri said that green mambas are yellowish green in colour and are larger than green snakes. He urged people to stay away from the snakes and be careful not to be bitten because there was no serum available in Thailand at present for their venom.
Chisanu said a mamba bite victim would feel drowsy and could die in 20 minutes. If they survived, the victim would be on respiratory aid while waiting for serum to come from South America in 23 days.
For first aid in case of snakebite to a limb, Chisanu said the wound should be cleaned gently with soap and water, a piece of cloth should be wrapped tightly at least 7 centimetres above the bite. A second piece should be wrapped 7cms above the first. The victim should lie down before being quickly transported to hospital. He warned not to squeeze or cut the wound.

— The Nation 2011-11-02

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