Get a Tiger in your tank

Get a Tiger in your tank

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Playing Golf in Thailand can be dangerous.

Played Golf yesterday at Pheonix Golf course in Pattaya.On the last hole my ball ended up off the fairway and landed in a clump of trees following my drive. I took aim and fired with my pitching wedge, hitting one of the trees and all of a sudden I felt sharp stings on my head and back. Unknown to me there was a wasps nest in the tree and I was soon being chased by angry wasps. Thai wasps are about 3 times the size of European wasps and their stings hurt like hell!

Khao Kieow Country Club

This Golf course is located about 45 min’s drive from Pattaya towards Bangkok and is well sign posted.

This is a very beautiful, but challenging course and it is by far my favourite in this region.The club house and facilities are to a high standard and in my experience the caddies know their stuff.

The course is a 27 holes par 72/36 (7077 yards)


Course review here

View from the clubhouse


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Plutaluang Golf course Pattaya Thailand

Here are a couple of pictures taken at Plutaluang Golf course about 30 min’s drive from Pattaya towards Sattahip. This is a challenging course and boasts spectacular views of and around Rayong.



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