Mae Ya Waterfall Doi InThanon Park Chiang Mai

Mae Ya Waterfall Doi InThanon Park Chiang Mai


Mae Ya Waterfall Doi InThanon Park Chiang Mai.

This is a place well worth a visit when you are in Chiang Mai; it will not be possible to see/do all the sights and attractions in a single day so cherry pick your favourites.


Formerly known as Doi Angka, the mountain now bears (since 1899) a shortened version of the name of Chiang Mai’s last sovereign, King Inthawichayanon. During his reign, he had, with great foresight, expressed his concern for the forests of the northern hill country as the watershed for all of central Thailand. The modern study of rain forest hydrology has borne out his early convictions and given substance to Thai folklore which describes this hill region as the home of the Phiphannam, the ‘spirit who shares water’. Before the King died near the turn of this century, he commanded that his remains be placed at the top of this mountain: his ashes at the summit stupa are visited by thousands of people each year.


It is the highest mountain in Thailand,at 2565 metres (8415 feet), just a little higher than Australia’s highest (Mt Kosciuszko) which is 7310 feet or 2228 metres,and although it is relatively cold up top, it never snows there.

Flora and fauna

The various sub montane forest formations at higher elevations are a unique asset of the park. They have dominant species belonging to temperate climate families rather than tropical. The summit area supports the only red rhododendron in Thailand (R. delavayi); it blooms from December through February. There are also two white-blossomed species abundant on Doi Inthanon which are restricted to only a few other sites.

Where mists are persistent, the slopes carry a moist hill evergreen or ‘cloud forest’ with many epiphytes, plants which live on tree trunks and branches but do not receive their moisture and nutrients from the host tree as do true parasitic plants. Instead, they are nurtured by the accumulation of dust particles and humus around their ‘root’ area and the moisture retained there, augmented by frequent bathing in cloud and mist. Epiphytic orchids are also abundant, along with lichens, lianas and fern.

At mid-elevations, 800 – 1500 meters, two species of pine are present, Pinus merkusii mixed with dipterocarp in the lower range, and P. kesiya with oak and laurel on drier slopes in the upper range. The pines are thought to be a relic from a prehistoric cooler climatic period when flora from the Sino-Himalayan region migrated southward. At the mid-elevations of the park, much of the forest has been removed by the activities of swidden cultivators and the slopes have converted to fire climax grasslands.


Mid-day temperatures hover about 10 to 12 degrees Celsius during the day (there is a thermometer at the top). Keep in mind that in the wet season, there is near-perpetual cloud there, so you can see little.

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Scot left stranded on Thai island after her friends ‘poisoned’

By Ben Archibald
Posted Image
Samantha Kay is stranded in Thailand after her passport was confiscated
PHI PHI ISLAND: — A SCOTTISH teaching assistant has told of being stranded in a resort in Thailand where two of her friends were found dead from suspected poisoning.
Samantha Kay, 24, said she is stuck on a Thai island because medical staff who treated her have confiscated her passport.
Ms Kay, of Dundee, fell ill shortly before sisters Audrey, 20 and Noemi Belanger, 26, were found dead in their hotel room in Phi Phi Island last Friday.
The Scot spent three days in hospital being treated for suspected food poisoning but despite discharging her, hospital executives kept her passport.
Last night, she told how the hospital refuses to return it until she pays her £400 medical bill.
Posted Image
Speaking from the tourist resort, Ms Kay said: “I was really ill. Food poisoning has been spoken about but it was dehydration as well. It could have been bacteria or a virus or something.
“The hospital kept my passport because the insurance company wouldn’t pay up-front for my treatment. I can’t leave here until my dad pays the £400. I’m sure I’ll get it back from the insurance, but what if I didn’t have my dad? I’d be stuck here.”
Ms Kay said she met the Canadian sisters, from Quebec, when she was promoting restaurants and bars on the island.
The sisters were both found dead by a cleaning lady at the Phi Phi Palms Hotel on Friday.
Ms Kay said investigators found evidence of vomit in the hotel room and told how the sisters had skin lesions, bleeding gums and blue fingernails, which can be symptoms of poisoning.
She said: “The girls were lovely. I chatted to them and we ended up dancing at the club. I don’t know what’s happened, they’re saying they were poisoned.
“Some people said it might have been a gas leak at the hotel, other people said it could have been fumes from cleaning fluid they use in the flats.”
Phi Phi police say it is too early to determine how the sisters died but ruled out foul play.
They confirmed the hotel room where the sisters were found had not been broken into and was locked from the inside.
The Scottish teaching assistant’s father, Dudley Kay, 65, who runs a Dundee guesthouse, said: “She thought it was a good medical and travel insurance policy but we have found out the small print says she is not insured if she travels for longer than 90 days, which she has.
“Sami is scared now because of the deaths. She just wants to get out. She really wants our help, but it’s hard for me to do much all the way back in Dundee.”
Mr Kay said he had paid his daughter’s bill but she will not receive her passport back until the money has cleared, which is likely to be later this week.
Three years ago on Phi Phi, two women, an American and a Norwegian, were found poisoned in their adjoining rooms. The deaths are still unsolved.

Surely this girl has more information that could help to solve this case if she was also poisoned.

Canadian Sisters Died Of ‘Food Poisoning’ In Thailand Hotel

Sisters died of ‘food poisoning’ in Thailand hotel
The sisters are Audrey Belanger, 20,
and Noemi Belanger, 26, both of
Pohenegamook, Quebeq, Canada

Bangkok, June 17, 2012 (AFP) – Two Canadian sisters found dead in their hotel room on a popular Thai resort island may have been the victims of "serious food poisoning", police said Sunday.

The bodies of Audrey and Noemi Belanger, aged 20 and 26, were found Friday by hotel staff on Phi Phi island in the Andaman Sea, 800 kilometres (500 miles) south of Bangkok, showings signs of having suffered an extreme toxic reaction.

"Forensic officials found vomit in the room, blood on their lips and gums and their fingernails and toenails were blue," lieutenant colonel Rat Somboon of Krabi Provincial Police said, adding there were "signs of serious food poisoning."

"They died more than 12 hours before being found. They had eaten meals outside the hotel," he said.

The bodies of the sisters, who were from Canada’s French-speaking Quebec province, were taken from Phi Phi to the nearby town of Krabi on Thailand’s Andaman seaboard, where a probe into the cause of the deaths was underway, he added.

Lieutenant Pongpan Waiyawat, of Phi Phi’s police force said more details would be released "once there is some progress", adding there was no indication of a violent struggle inside their room at the Palm Residence Hotel.

Thailand is a tourist magnet but its image as the "Land of Smiles" has been tested in recent years by deadly political unrest, devastating floods and more recently a bungled bomb plot involving Iranian suspects.

Phi Phi island is one of Thailand’s tourist jewels, made famous by the 2000 film The Beach starring Leonardo DiCaprio, and was rebuilt after it was devastated by the 2004 tsunami.

Mae Sai, Elephants.Chiang Mai, Thailand.


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A baby elephant taking a bath in the river.

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Hill tribe people, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Preah Vihear temple on the Thai Cambodian border

This is the temple that stands on the disputed land area on the Thai Cambodian border. It’s a fantastic place to visit, so lets hope they resolve the dispute and allow tourists to go back there.

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Krabi mosque attack

Krabi mosque attack Blogger Labels: Thai,Thailand,Krabi,mosque
Things are just going from bad to worse in the South.

PHUKET: — Unknown gunmen ambushed a group of Muslim men outside a mosque in Ao Luek, Krabi, last night, killing three of the men and wounding three others.
Ao Luek District Police were informed of the massacre at Ban Ao Nam Mosque in Laem Sak just after 7pm.
Sub Lt Manad Inpornphorm, Inspector with the Ao Luek District Police Crime Suppression Division, told the Phuket Gazette that when officers arrived they found large pools of blood on the stairs and terracing at the front of the mosque.
Investigators collected six 11mm bullet casings and photographed bullet holes in the wall of the mosque as evidence.
All six victims were alive when they were rushed to hospitals by local residents, witnesses told police.
Three of the victims were hit in vital organs and died in the hospitals from lack of blood and other complications.
Two died at Ao Luek Hospital, and the third man died at Krabi Hospital, Ao Luek Police Superintendent Col Somdej Sukgarn told the Gazette.
Of the three survivors, two were seriously injured and are still undergoing treatment at Krabi Hospital.
The third survivor, Village 2 chief Donlorrak Khonlian, had his right arm grazed by a bullet. He was treated as an outpatient and released from Ao Luek Hospital last night.
“Mr Donlorrak told me that he went for prayers with his father and other villagers, just as he did every evening,” said Sub Lt Manad.
“Then he came out from the mosque for a group conversation. All of the sudden, a silver Toyota Vios sedan pulled up on the street in front of the mosque. Two men wearing ski masks got out of the car, walked toward Mr Donlorrak and his group, and started firing. Then they ran back to the car and sped off,” he said.
Police have yet to make any arrests.
“I don’t know who did this, but I suspect it involves local politics. On November 24, Mr Donlorrak won the election for the position of village chief [over the incumbent candidate]. It turns out that the margin of victory was just 19 votes in favor of Mr Donlorrak,” said Col Somdej.
“This is a serious case. We will continue to investigate until we find the man who was behind all this,” Col Somdej added.
Source: http://www.phuketgaz…ticle11686.html

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