Thai safety boots


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Never go to Thailand

You will have a bad time

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Dual pricing in Thailand.

I was on a Forum today and it was brought to our attention that many places have dual prices. One price for the foreigner and one for the local Thais. This is common practise in Thailand, but some tourists see it as racist.
Example.Dual pricing. Koh Samet have not increased the park entrance fee it’s still 200 Baht for Foreigner & 40 Baht for Thai’s. Some things will never change.

Comments please.

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Thai Government considers free tourist visa’s to boost tourism following the floods.


The public and private sectors need urgent government assistance to help rebuild the tourism industry, and Tourism and Sports Minister Chumpol Silapa-archa is planning to ask the Cabinet to consider waiving visa fees and aircraft parking charges at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Last year’s visa-fee waiver – introduced to help tourism operators recoup their losses after the airport closure and political crisis – came to an end this March. A corporate-tax deduction for travel and meetings is also being considered.

Reduced flight costs.

THAI will accommodate a total of 5,039 passengers daily on flights from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Southern provinces, and will add more flights and change aircraft if necessary. Under the promotion, flights from Bangkok to Surat Thani will be reduced from Bt4,290 to Bt1,820; Bangkok-Krabi from Bt4,490 to Bt1,920; Bangkok-Phuket from Bt4,675 to Bt2,015; Bangkok-Hat Yai from Bt5,155 to Bt2,255; and Bangkok-Samui from Bt6,360 to Bt2,930.

These are good ideas and should certainly help foreign and domestic tourism going forward. They just have to do something about the high value of the Thai Baht to give an added incentive.

The Thai’s are resilient people and I am sure that they will soon recover from this disaster. I wish them luck (Chock dee Khrap)

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